ATMs Undergo Upgrade

All of our ATMs are undergoing a technology upgrade to improve on our superior customer service, and we wanted to let you know what to expect, and get your feedback. These upgrades have already begun and will be rolling out to an ATM near you soon. Please let us know what you think in the comments below.


ADA Compliant

All ATMs are being upgraded to comply with the Americans with Disability’s Act new accessibility standards. This includes a voice guidance option, or “talking ATM”, along with Braille signage and input controls for our visually-impaired customers. These changes will be complete by mid- March.  What we’re doing above and beyond what’s required is providing this service in both English and Spanish.


Envelope-Free ATM Deposits

We have also started our upgrade to Deposit Automation or “no envelope required” or what we call Envelope-Free scanning capabilities, and will continue to do so throughout this year. When visiting an Envelope-Free ATM, you will deposit checks and cash securely without completing an envelope or deposit slip. In addition, you will be able to insert up to 30 checks and 50 bills directly into the ATM with fewer clicks and screens.


Picture-Perfect Receipts

When depositing at an Envelope-Free ATM, you will receive the scanned images showing exactly what checks and cash you deposited on your receipt.

New ATM receipt

Customizing your Settings

Soon all of our ATMs will allow you to customize your experience by setting your own personal “Favorites”.  Enabling favorites will help you save time whenever you visit one of our ATMs. These setting preferences include:

  •  Language
  • Fast Cash amount
  • Printing a receipt or not
  • Ability to edit or change these


Once you select your favorites, your choices will be saved and automatically applied each time you visit a Webster ATM.  Helping you save time is part of our Type W Personality.

Thank you for choosing Webster Bank, and we welcome your comments. We’re monitoring your feedback and want to make banking a more personable and pleasurable experience for you.