Annu Leighton

Annu Leighton

Annu's Bio:

Annu Leighton has worked for Webster's Customer Care Center for 6 years. She’d like to think of herself as a third generation teacher. Her grandmother was a school principal and her mother was a history and dance instructor in India. She wears several hats for the company as a telephone, email and chat agent. Annu loves to laugh, is an avid reader, an extreme couponist in the making, enjoys cooking, investing in the stock market and surfing online with her friends and family.

Get Back to Basics with Organic Gardening

garden pic

My grandparents were school principals who owned a mango farm. My mom loved to grow roses and a variety of vegetables in the garden back in her Plainville days. Then, there’s me: the amateur brownish green thumb that had a lot of hits and misses during the past 4 years. [...]

How to Avoid Overdraft Fees


We receive many phone calls from customers who have overdrawn their accounts. One common complaint I’ve heard is that customers use a register booklet AND our online services regularly, but still managed to incur overdraft fees. Entering any information manually is never easy. Truth be told, I’ve avoided using a [...]

Couponing 101


When I was a kid I used to help my Mom with the grocery shopping. She’d clip coupons on an occasional basis. I was fascinated at the thought of buying more for less thanks to those magical pieces of paper. As I got older, I realized why Mom did it [...]

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