Annu Leighton

Annu Leighton

Annu's Bio:

Annu Leighton has worked for Webster's Customer Care Center for 6 years. She’d like to think of herself as a third generation teacher. Her grandmother was a school principal and her mother was a history and dance instructor in India. She wears several hats for the company as a telephone, email and chat agent. Annu loves to laugh, is an avid reader, an extreme couponist in the making, enjoys cooking, investing in the stock market and surfing online with her friends and family.

How to Elope in Las Vegas

Eloping in Las Vegas

According to the Association for Wedding Professionals International, the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is now between $21,000 and $24,000. We were facing close to that range in credit card debt alone when we finally decided to get married years ago. At the time, we felt that the [...]

Three Money Savings Ideas for your Harvest


At the beginning of every harvest season, my husband and I ask the same question:What the heck were we thinking when planting our garden? It’s just the two of us and we have too much food! Our main problem is figuring out what to do with our excess bounty. Here [...]

Celebrate at the Office with Budget-Friendly Potlucks

fruit salad

Food is a great way to bring together people of all nationalities and ages at the office. Anytime a member of our work family hits a milestone, we celebrate by throwing a potluck in that person’s honor. Since we are a diverse group, we get to sample a variety of [...]

Webster’s Home Grown Recipes

sugar cookies

Recently I blogged about how to start an organic garden, and as a follow up, I’ve compiled this  list of recipes from some of our Webster bankers to share with our online community. Please feel free to share some of your own, or pass them along!   Corn Bhagia [buh-jee-ah] [...]

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